About us

Our story began when three passions intervined – the passion for nature, for hunting and for culinary.



It took many years until the stories of nature, hunting and culinary added onto each other and became one thought. A thought that, in a kitchen, grew into an idea. While observing the top quality wild game meat slowly transforming into various types of delicacies with the help of traditional recipes and a dash of modern twist – the idea became a project. The final dose of enthusiasm, the one that helped the project to move from paper to reality, was when we managed to produce wild game salami of exceptional quality in uncontrolled conditions. Then we decided to build a factory with fermentation and drying chambers in order to get the best possible controlled conditions.

We decided to establish our manufacturing plant in Čazma. Our main reason to situate the plant in that specific region was the geographic lay of Čazma which is surrounded with hunting grounds. With time we realized that we were very lucky to found ourselves in this particular region for the fact that our entrepreneur endeavor was cordially welcomed by the local community. After making the extensive business plan, obtaining all the permits and finalizing the financial plan in mid 2012, we started building the plant and finished it in November of 2013.

About our company :
Company : Gastral Natura d.o.o.
Primary registration : For trade and services
Legal form : Company with limited liability
OIB : 51023706342
Share capital : 1.513.400,00 kn
Bank account : HR4724880011100132755 (IBAN HR)
Headquarters :Franje Vidovića 59 d, 43240 Čazma, Bjelovarsko-Bilogorska Županija.
Factory : Franje Vidovića 59 d, 43240 Čazma, Bjelovarsko-Bilogorska Županija.

Our goal is to always be at the service of the buyers by insuring the top quality products. That is why we accurately choose every supplier. Our list of suppliers consists only of companies with verified quality systems. That way we achieve the closed circle in which none of the elements can be outside the given plan.
Quality control and the control measures of potential risks are being conducted during the whole production process. Achieving positive results represent not only the final goal but also encourage us to: 
• Constant review and improvement of the production technology
• Achieving superior sanitary conditions
• Maintaining and cultivating of verified recipes
• Continual verification of satisfaction from the buyers of our products


Quality and safety of our products are the most important goals that we permanently set for ourselves – that is our way of thinking and performing throughout all of the segments of the production.  In order to achieve that goal, in accordance with all the legal regulation and market demand, we established and certified the integrated system based on quality assurance standard ISO 9001:2008. Working in accordance with demands of this international standard is a commonly accepted way of operation in which we guarantee the expected quality of products and services to our present and future buyers (or partners). Since we are in the business of food production each segment of the production is of an utmost importance just as is the defining the critical points of the process itself. That is why we use another system to manage quality and safety of food – HACCP.

It is our responsibility to provide our buyers with quality and safe product therefor we regularly control the health integrity of our products, staff hygiene, cleanliness of our work surfaces and equipment at the Croatian Veterinary Institute. Furthermore the whole plant is under regular control of Veterinary inspection/supervision. Health of our employees is analyzed by Croatian Institute for Public Health. Our advisers regularly follow all the legal norms and rules in order to be up-to-date with all the Regulations and Laws. That is another way we contribute to the quality and safety of our products.
As a company we dedicate a lot of attention to environment protection and rational energy usage in all of our production processes. In accordance with current laws and regulations for environment protections we perform all necessary operations to avoid water, air and soil pollution. For that reason we sort all of our waste – from recycling and municipal solid waste to animal by-product which is entrusted to a licensed collector.