Deer prosciutto
Prepared by traditional family recipe

General characteristics :KRU_0590

 • Prepared according to traditional family recipe
 • Made od the best meat positions of a deer round
 • Cold smoked
 • Process of curing and drying lasts minimum 65 days



About the product :
Meat of a deer round is exceptional for preparing various great delicacies in kitchen. Besides that, deer meat is also great for producing deer prosciutto.  By using the knowledge gained from years of various ways of drying deer meat and market response of our final product,  we have came to ideal recipe.  It only remained to recreate the conditions of the natural environment in our drying chamber and wait for the first prosciutto to be ready for market. Enjoy the result :)

Ingredients :
• Deer meat
• Salt
• Smoke

100 g of prosciutto was produced by drying 160 g of meat 

Ideal keeping temperature : 4 degrees Celsius

Expiration date : 180 days from the date of packing