Hunter's sausage
Gently smoked

SALAME v 2.0 (3 of 3) General characteristics :
• Made of the combination of deer and pig meat with addition of natural spices
 • Gently smoked 
 • Fermented and dried in controlled conditions under the supervision of our expert


About the product :
When thinking of sausage that would be perfect for evening gathering of old friends, we came up to a concept of hunter’s sausage. That sausage is made of a combination of wild boar, deer and pig meat. With its strong aroma, additionally backed up with a touch of hot paprika, it works rather perfect for the taster. After tasting of meat, taster would feel a little tingling sensation (paprika) and then the great base for a good glass of red wine is created.

SALAME v 2.0 (1 of 3)   Ingredients :
• Deer meat
 • Wild hog meat
 • Pig meat
 • Pig back fat
 • Salt
 • Natural spices
 • Sugars
 • Antioxidant (E316)
 • Preservative (E250)


Ideal keeping temperature : 4 degrees Celsius

Expiration date : 180 days from the date of packing