Kulenova seka made of wild boar
Mildly smoked with addition of red paprika

Kulenova seka od divlje svinje General characteristics :
• Made of the most quality wild hog and pig meat with addition of natural spices
 • Gently smoked 
 • Fermented and dried in controlled conditions under the supervision of our expert
 • With addition of red paprika



About the product :
Real kitchen specialist will use wild boar meat for various delicacies – from stew to juicy stakes, that are so soft that you could cut them even with a butter knife. When you handle a meat of such quality it is very tempting to simply grill it, but with a dose of patience you could make something really special with it, like – kulenova seka of wild boar salami. Preparing kulenova seka salami requires a lot of experience, know how and patience. From the process of preparing meat, obtaining the right temperature, grinding, mixing and stuffing it to the process of fermentation and drying it. The speciality of kulenova seka is the addition of red paprika. Because of the presence of paprika this salami is a bit more red from the beginning with the tingling aftertaste.

In order to get the best products possible, we take the production process very seriously and follow the rules that are set up from the very beginning. That rules enable us to monitor the process and give enough time, under the right conditions, to the bacteria to form flavour, colour and aroma.

 Ingredients :
• Wild boar meat
• Pig meat I. cat
• Pig back fat
• Salt
• Natural spices
• Sugars
• Antioxidant (E316)
• Preservative (E250)

Ideal keeping temperature : 4 degrees Celsius

Expiration date : 180 days from the date of packing